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Guide mounting starry sky projector

Posted by la maison de la science on

Guide mounting starry sky projector

Here's an editing guide to thestarry sky projector

Step 1:
Remove the wires from the LED bulb and place the socket in its support.
Step 2:
Close the second part of the hull with the two small screws. Be sure to let the wires come out.
Step 3:
Insert columns A and B through the socket and screw the bolt with the nut and washer.
Step 4:
Apply the graduated sticker for hours by matching the 18th with the mark / ' of the socket.
Step 5:
Stick the sticker for the months.
Step 6:
Insert the switch into the base.
Step 7:
Insert battery connectors into battery housing.
Step 8:
Insert the wires into the base connector.
Step 9:
Screw the switch.
Step 10:
Attach the tab to the battery housing.
Step 11:
Place the foot in the base, starting with the ergots.
Step 12:
Turn the base and fast-fix the foot with the screws and washers.
Step 13:
Connect the bulb wires to the switch connector and secure them firmly.
Step 14:
Test the bulb by turning on the switch.
Step 15: Globe Assembly
Prepare the tabs of each pentagon by folding them several times.
Step 16:
Place double-sided adhesive on the back of each tab.
Step 17:
Assemble the first 5 pentagons, tongues outwards, by matching the identical letters. The protective film of the pentagons must be outside. Assemble the other pentagons using the same method.
Step 18:
Glue together the 2 domes obtained.
Step 19:
Stick the top of the dome.
Step 20:
Insert the foot into the base of the globe, which attaches with the small hooks.
Step 21:
Cut the tongues that protrude over half their width.
Step 22:
Remove the protective film and your globe is ready!
Step 23:
Put the globe on his foot.
Step 24:

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