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What is kinetic sand?

Posted by la maison de la science on

What is kinetic sand?

What is kinetic sand?

e kinetic sand (Kinectic Sand) created by the brand WABA Fun LLC is a creative three-dimensional toy composed of 98% sand and 2% polydimethylsiloxane that gives itthe consistency of wet sand, when it is quite dry. It's beautiful science. Originally this sand to model was addressed to sculptors, but it has since met with a huge success with children under the name of "magic sand". Sure, it's more seller than kinetic sand. Depending on the brand, it isnon-toxic and safe

From sandboxes to pâtés on the beach, the sand has always had an obvious playful aspect, and it remains one of the favorite "toys" of many children around the world. The fact remains that the possibilities of play are still limited with the natural sand ... No problem, a manufacturer has found the solution with an amazing invention: kinetic sand.

The Kinectic sand, why is it cool?

Kinetic sand sculpture is a very popular creative hobby. More malleable and above all more pleasant to the touch than traditional playdough,the use of kinectic sand is as wide as the extent of your imagination: you'll find lots of examples on the web.  Geometric shapes, sculptures, moulds... you just have to put it together and knead it to start all over again. Moreover, kneading this sand with such a special texture is apparently extremely pleasant, as when you dip your hand in the sand at the beach (lively on vacation!).

For outdoor use as an interior

You can have fun with magic sand both indoors and outdoors. Children can create many shapes on the kitchen table, but forlarger buildings, it's better to play outside. There is no doubt that your child will be won over by this extraordinary material!

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