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1. Introduction

Under section 6 of Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 for confidence in the digital economy, it is specified to the users of the site The identity of the various stakeholders in the context of its realization and its follow-up:

Owner and creator : All-Horizon
Creator  : House of Science

The publication manager is a natural person or a legal person.

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This website is administered by The terms "us" and "our" is referring to the sitehttps://maison-de-la-science.comTHE USE OF OUR SITe Web is subject to the modalitiesfollowing use with all their successive modifications (the"Terms"). The modalities must be read in conjunction with any other modality or any notice in the pages of our website. Please read these modalities carefully.They apply to allUsers of our website, including those who store, guests, traders, suppliers and content providers. If you use this website, youAcceptbe bound by the terms and conditions of our privacy policy and you agree to respect them. If you do not accept the modalities or our privacy policy, you are not allowed to access our website and use its services, or place an order.

2. Using our website

You conCome to use our website for legitimate purposes and not for illegal purposes or notauthorized, in particular in violation of any law on intellectual property or the protection of personal information. By accepting the terms and conditions, you declare and affirm to reachat least the age of majority in VOBe a state or province of residence and that you can legally conclude a legally valid contract.

You agree not to use our website for any activity that would constitute an offenseorderlycivil or criminal or who would contravene any law. You agree not to try to harm the network or security features of our website orto access oursystems without being allowed.

You agree to provide us with accurate personal information such as your address ofemail, your mailing address andOther coordinates to allow us to process your order or communicate with you if necessary. You agree to quickly update your account and your information. You authorize us to collect this information and use them to communicate with you, in accordance with our privacy policy.

3. Terms and conditions

We reserve the right to refuse to provide a service to anyone, at any time andfor any reason.We reserve the right to'Make changes to the siteWeb, which can understandthe elimination,The modification, suspension or cessation of any aspect of the website at any time without notice. It is possible that we imposednew rules or new restrictions related to the use of our website.You agree to periodically reread the modalities, and if you continue to access our siteWeb and use it, it will mean that you accept all the changes that havebeen brought.

You admit that we will not be held responsible for you or a third party for any modification, suspension or cessation of our website or any offer on our website in terms of service, content, function or product.

4. Products or services

Orders placed on our website are subject to stock availability. We can, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel the quantities offered on our website or restrict the sales of our products and services to a person or a home, or in a geographical region or territory.

The prices of our products can be modified without notice.Unless otherwise indicated, thePrices posted on our website are in Euro where the majority of our customers are, although our company is domiciled in Canada.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse orders, especially those which appear to have been made by distributors or resellers. If we believe that your order is fraudulent or based on inaccurate information, we have the right to cancel it and inform the relevant authorities.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the color or design of the productspresented on our website.In case of receipt of a controlled product not being the right color or not having the good design, please refer to ourReturn policy

5. Links to third party websites

Links toothersWebsites or from these are given for practical reasons only.We do not check, we do not support and we do not approve thesites that lead the external links presented on our website or which contain links leading to it, not more than their content, the third parties appointed thereto, theirproducts and their services. We do not haveNo mastery on these sitesand we are notnot responsible. You alone assume the risks ofuse of a lIEN leading to another site and we will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from this use. Links to software download sites are provided for practical reasons only and we are not responsible for the problems or repercussions from software download.The use of any downloaded software is governed by the modalitiesof the rights agreement that accompanies the software or is provided with thatifthere is a place.

6. User comments, feedback and other contributions

You acknowledge that you are responsible for the information, profiles, opinions, messages, comments and any other content (collectively designated "content") that you publish, distribute or share on our website or through it. or atThe help of services offered in connection with our website.You also acknowledge assumefull responsibility forContent, particularly with respect to its legality and rights in trade marks, lawauthor and intellectual property.

You agree that we can revise, adapt, modify, recreate, publish or distribute all Cthat you submit as a result of a precise requestthat we made. You

Also agree that we are not required to'ensureConfidentiality of content, d'inremunerate the creation of the content or d'Yreply.

You agree not to publish, distribute or share content on our website s'heisprotected by copyright, a trademark, a patent or other right ofProperty, without the express consent of the owner of these rights. You also declare that your COntenu will not be illegal, or abusive, or obscene and that he will contain any viruses orMalicious software that could harm the activities of our website. You will be solely responsible for any content you create and accurate. We assume no responsibility and can not be held responsible for any content published by you or by a third party.

We reserve the right to prevent you from publishing on our website and withdraw or delete any content that we deem inadmissible. You consent to this withdrawal or deletion and give up any claim in our place related to this withdrawal or deletion of your content.

7. Your personal information

Please consult our privacy policy to find out how we collect, use and transmit your personal information.

8. Errors and omissions

Please note that our website may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or up-to-date. We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracy or omission and modify or update information toAny time, without notice (even after processing an order).Such errors, inaccuracies or omissions may relate to the description, price, promotion and availability of our products,and we reserve the right tonnulate a command or notnot dealing with it if an error has slipped into its price or in information related to itsavailability, within the limits imposed by law.

9. Denial and limitation of liability

You assume all the responsibilities and risks related to your use of our website, which is provided in the State, without warranty, declaration or condition of any kind, explicit or implicit, with respect to the information obtained on our Website or through its intelligence, including all the content, documents, functions and services provided on our website. All is providedyears warranty of any kind, particularly with regard to the availability, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the content or information, accessuninterrupted to thoseCI, the title guarantee, the absence of counterfeiting, theEUR market quality or their adequacy to a particular use. We do not guarantee that our website, operation or content and documents related to the services offered will be providedin a timely and uninterrupted time or are safe ou without error, that theFaults will be corrected or our website or servers that host them are free of viruses or other damaging items.

The use of our website is at your exclusive risks and you assume the entireresponsibility for all costs associated with this use. We will not be held responsible for the damages, whatever they are, related to the use of our website.

Like member companies in our group and our content or service providers, we disengage, as well as our directors, our leaders, our agents, our subcontractors, our suppliers and our employees, any responsibility to your place. For any direct, indirect, special, accessory, consequential, copy or punitive damage, for any loss or cause of action, loss of income, profits, commercial revenues or sales, or for any other type of damage, in respect of contractual or delicate civil (including negligence), formal or other responsibility resulting from youruse of our website, your inability to use it, performance, content,Documents that are presented or its operation, even if we are warned of the possibility of such damages.

Some territories do not allow the limitation of liability, or the exclusion orlimitation of certain damage. On these territories, some of the opinions, exclusions or limitations below.above may not apply, in which case our responsibility will berestricted to the limits permitted by the law in force.