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Our Mission

Genian scientific gifts for great people!

"House of Science" is a shop specializing in interesting objects related to science, physics, mathematics and biology. This shop has been designed by a student engineering student passionate about science.


Democratize these sciences and make available to all original and fun scientific objects.

  • More than 2300 passionate customers have trusted us
  • More than 4500 items sold on the site

The team:



Web Developer & Administrator



Customer Service Manager

A great cause:

By choosing home of science, you help make the world a little better!2% of the purchases you make on the site is donated to ThinKerView projects and e-think.

ThinKerView to targets:

  • Test the ideas / speeches by detecting their faults, their limits.
  • Listen to low-public views to expand our reading prisms.
  • Apprehend all the complexity of the current and future issues of our world.

Themes discussed by ThinKerview: geopolitics, finance, terrorism, media, internet, environment, society.

E-think about objectives:

  • Popular Science
  • Share knowledge at all in a fun way

Why is the sky blue ? What is a rainbow? Why English roll left?

Stay curious, and take the time to e-think.