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Mobile orbit

    • 49,94€
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    4 good reasons to choose us:

    Patience is a virtue, it is said. But we never say how to become patient and reach a state of relaxation:

    The secret of the functioning of this mobile is hidden in its base. Indeed, it conceals a powerful magnet that exerts a force on the red ball placed in the center of the rings. It then allows them to move thanks to a perpetual movement. What to hypnotize even the most skeptical ...

    theKinetic clockswill bring you a new way of relaxing and accessing inner peace:

    With thismobileYou will immediately be projected in space ... Elegant and design, it will allow you to see a planet, its moon and its rings, turn perpetually. It will be enough for you to insert two batteries under its base, and its orbits will then move in motion, under your eyes amazed. An original and unusual object, which will appeal to all amateurs of astronomy and decorative decoration!

    TheORBITE modelIs inspired by the movement of the planets of our solar system around the sun. You just have to put the mobile on the way and you will be able to watch the colorful rings and the rotation movement of the spheres - a really fascinating show!


    Technical details :

    Height 22 cm
    Length 31.5 cm
    Color black and colors
    Matter plastic
    Batteries provided No
    Gross weight 0.45 kg

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