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Newton pendulum balance balls

    • 34,90€

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    4 good reasons to choose us:

    Example of how it works
    This newton pendulum; Balls Balance is a very good choice for you to give to your children, friends, teachers. :

    Excellent education science gadget.Not only demonstrates a pendulum, but also shows the laws of conservation of momentum and energy. 

    Because of its fun way of playing, each child is very easy to be attracted to Newton's cradle, a beautiful gift for them; and as a desktop decoration, it can help you release a lot of pressure see the swing ball. 


    Well-finished, calm and generous case, nylon ropes and stainless steel frame, strong and durable, 46 g each metal ball that can ensure a long swing time: With an elegant finish and contemporary style, this Newton cradle metal gives a desk or table a unique serving of character.

      Pick up a ball and release it freely. The ball on the other side will bounce. It can move several times over a long period of time.


      ClassicDecorationDesk :With an elegant finish and contemporary style, this Newton metal - 39;The cradle gives a desk or table a portion of unique character.
      .FunLEARNING AID:demonstrate the preservation of momentum and energy in a dazzling way
      .Top quality materials:made of quality stainless steel, keeps its seductive luster intact and continues to work even with repeated play
      . MultiFunction:.Use it to relieve stress, waste time, the deaf ear of boring co-workers, or schooling young people in physics.
      Gift:This balance ball of Newton's pendulum is a very good choice for you to give to your children, friends, teachers.



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